Afro-Hair Lounges

Need a killer hair style for your outing or work?


Need a salon that understands your natural hair?


Then come enjoy laid-back comfort whilst you get your hair done!!!


Our services are offered at reasonable prices, using all-natural products made to promote healthy, manageable, beautiful hair.

Some of the styling options are Kinky Twists; Havana Twist; Senegalese Twist; Flat Twist; Comb Twist; Twist Out; Regular Braids; Box Braids; Crochet Braids; Marley Braids; Cornrows, Bantu Knots, Faux Locs plus we can sculpt your hair to suit your fancy!!!


It is most important to keep your hair healthy and we endeavour to suggest hair care regimens that would allow your hair to grow long, strong and healthy.


We achieve this with a number of treatments; olive oil infusion to tackle dandruff boost shine, soften and curb split ends; coconut oil booster for protein, prevents dandruff, moisturises and adds shine to your hair; castor oil rejuvenator to promote hair growth and combat thinning, reduce split ends prevents infections whilst conditioning and moisturising your hair.


We’ve succumbed to popular demand and offer hair colouring, however along with each dye treatment we insist on a deep conditioning treatment.


We recommend herbal dyes that do not contain ammonia, so do not “lift”. Our nutratint hair colour treatment does change your hair colour but it is not intended to produce drastic results (ex. going from black to blond).

Hair Coloring

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